Cyber Security Education

Training of Network & System Security

This training is useful for network and system specialists, security experts / supervisors, site administrators and those working in the network infrastructure. Current training methods and defense methods are applied in practice.

The Network and System Security Training organization, which includes the support and training packages necessary for the installation of the Cyber Incident Response Team that are planned to be established in your institution aims to maintain your data security by making your cyber security stronger and up to date against these attack.

Training of Network & System Security covers

• Packet Filter Firewall Training
• Network Security & Cyber Security Education
• Advance Network Security Education
• Intrusion Prevention System(IPS) Training
• Domain Name Service (DNS) Security Education
• Introduction to Kali Linux

• Network Security Courses with Certificates

Education of Information Security Awareness

Awareness training of SafeTech provides participants with hands-on awareness training by combining theoretical and practical knowledge. Current attack methods and the possible precautions against them are demonstrated in the context of the scenarios.

General Aspects of Information Security
• Information Security in Turkey
• Risk and Threats for Corporations in terms of Information Security
• Hack and Hacker Concepts / Development
• Social Engineering Attacks
•Social Media Risks and Security,
•Daily Life Risks in terms of Information Security
• Laws
• Network Risks
• Security of E-mails and other communication methods
• Password Security
• Security of Notebooks and Smart Devices
• Physical Security and Data Leakage

Training of Penetration Test Expert

It is a hands-on training that covers many titles from techniques that the cyber attackers use to how they think. Current methods of attack and methodologies are included in the training.In the demo environments prepared by our experts, participants are given training to practice rather than theory.

Fields of Pentester Training:
• Nessus Weakness Testing Education
• Web Application Testing Training
• Practical Programming Training for Pentest Experts
• Mobile Application Test Training
• Certified WhiteHat Hacker (CEH) Training
• Network Security Testing Training
• Pentester Training with Certification
• Wireless Network Security Testing Training
• Practical Security Testing Training with the help of Metasploit Framework

Cyber Security Education for Critical Infrastructures

SafeTech, which has the mission of SCADA security, provides Cyber Safety training in Critical Infrastructures applied from working functions of SCADA communication protocols to SCADA defense methods. Our team's greatest advantage in SCADA security is that they have a history of SCADA software development and have integrated this information into the cyber security domain.

The automation-control systems used in the most important sectors of our country, such as energy, communication, transportation and health, which are considered as critical infrastructures, have become a necessity to have sufficient security against cyber attacks as a requirement of the today's world. As SafeTech, we are in the position of the most dedicated company in the country to protect these sectors using SCADA systems against external threats in terms of cyber security. We provide Cyber Security Training for Critical Infrastructures for the prevention of them in your institution or organization against cyber threats. Moreover, we aim to increase the knowledge of your staff working in these infrastructures in the field of cyber security.

Education of Forensic Informatics

SafeTech provides training in the field of Forensic Computing in the context of the intervention of attacks on Cyber World, the acquisition, examination, analysis and reporting of digital evidence, supported by specialist academicians in their field. With the help of this training, you will be experienced about how the cyber criminals can attack to your system, where they aim at the attack, the methods of attacking, and how they remove their evidences after the attack.

Benefits of Forensic Informatics Education

• Analyzing of network traffic data
• Collection of cybercrime evidences from network traffic
• Investigation and reporting of network traffic for cyber criminal attempts
• Investigation of the cyber attacks
• The technical details of the interception of your Internet data or communication media environments.
• Laws and requirements related to criminal attacks
• Understanding and using of the software which is for analyzing & detecting forensic informatics operations

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