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Penetration Testing Service

Along with the information age, the digitalization of corporate information brought with it not only the conveniences but also some risks. Access to this information by malicious people has become as close to the area of attraction as wireless networks. To be able to protect their information systems, Institutions have to be ready, strong and up-to-date.

In order to see the current security risks of corporation, SafeTech provides a penetration test service for all institutions want to take precautions.

Penetration testing is the process of infiltrating and reporting all sorts of possible ways that may be possible with aggressive predictions to the information systems determined by the corporations.

The main purpose of the penetration test is to ensure that the institution is aware of how resistant it is to any attack from inside or outside and to evaluate the safety level.With the help of these tests, the corporation finds the opportunity to take the necessary precautions by learning what to do in the event of a possible attack before its systems are damaged.


Why Penetration Testing?

There are many risks of enterprise information security such as deleting/changing/gathering of data, asking for ransom for these data, leaking essential information to the rival companies, exposing secret information of a company, changing websites in a dishonorable way, making systems unavailable. In order to minimize these risks or eliminate them, it is an obligatory to apply penetration tests regularly for the information systems of corporations

Process of Penetration Testing

The methods of application of penetration tests may vary in terms of institutional needs and infrastructure. Some institutions should be tested directly by targeting internal network devices. On the other hand, some institutions should be tested over the internet; servers, applications and external network devices. Web and desktop applications used by the organization are also tested by SafeTech. Moreover, if the institution wants to investigate potential "Social Engineering" attacks, they are developed in real life scenarios and Social Engineering Penetration Test is done.

Exclusive Reporting for a Specific Corporation

Penetration Testing is reported by using default results of test devices used for PenTest in general. Corporations that have Penetration Service have to analyze these test results created automatically to determine risks and their status. However, SafeTech team offers exclusive reports at the end of the Penetration testing process to make it more meaningfull and clear for specific corporation.

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