Network Infrastructure Services

It is produced the best quality and the most developable wired/wireless network solutions in accordance with our customers’ requirements and future needs. With the help of predicting the possible future problems that may occur in network systems, we produce integrated solutions in the field of software and support.

The processes we apply to ensure a successful network setup;

• It is analyzed that your specific Needs & Infrastructure

• Possible Future Requirements are considered and Developable system is configured.

• It is offered the options of possible products types to you.

• After installation process, Necessary tests are conducted to complete the system setup.

Services of Network Security

• Safety Architecture Design
• Network Access Control
• Gateway Antivirus Solutions
• Firewall Solutions
• Attack Prevention Solutions
• Virtual Network Solutions
• Web Filtering Solutions
• Corporate Security Management Solutions
• Network Security Analysis Solutions
• Corporate Security Policy Creation Program
• Corporate Information Security and Awareness Training
• System Chassis Security

Services of Network Setup & Support

• Design of Network Structure
• Installation of cable ducts, power outlets, network cables, electrical substructure
• Installation of network devices, cabinets, panels
• Installation, setup, operation of network devices
• Installing network server operating systems
• Installation of network and Internet services
• Setting up and editing network and Internet services

Network Troubleshooting / Configuring Services

• Re-project of network structure, detection of project mistakes
• Renewal of cable ducts, electrical outlets, network cables, electrical infrastructure
• Solving network problems such as slowness, connection problems
• Resolving, adjusting, and running network devices
• Resolving network server operating system problems
• Resolving network and Internet service problems

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