Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

SafeTech, operates in many fields such as Penetration Testing in Cyber Security, Information Security Education, Consultancy Services and Security Software Development. It continues to work in collaboration with the academic staff of METU and many other universities to provide University-Industry cooperation through government supported R&D projects.

SafeTech , does not only serve both the public and private sectors, but also becomes part of the social responsibility projects aimed at awareness without any profit expectations.

Penetration Testing

Risks in the system are prioritized by testing all the devices and services in organization against cyber security threats. In accordance with the attacks that could be attempted from inside or outside the system, to which data and/or systems attacker would likely to access are reported and security precautions are suggested.

All of your out-of-office devices and services are scanned for potential cyber threats coming from outside of your network area.
It is tested and reported that all services and applications running on the internal network with using different profiles such as the employee, who has access to the internal network, guest or cyber attackers by scanning and testing methods.
The entire SCADA network from the central SCADA software running on the SCADA network to the hardware running on the SCADA system is passed through the test.
All web and desktop applications belong to the corporation are tested for cyber threats.
All mobile applications belongs to the corporation are tester for cyber threats.
They are attacks targeting the employees of the corporation. Social engineering tests are conducted in scenarios, such as sending fraudulent e-mails to trick users in companies.

Education of Cyber Security

While the number of cyber attacks and the risks increase in our age, the business processes related to the information systems of the institutions are also increasing day by day.

In order to ensure the security of the information systems of the institutions, It is necessary to increase the level of awareness and knowledge of the employees in accordance with the needs of the institution

Awareness training of SafeTech provides participants with hands-on awareness training by combining theoretical and practical knowledge. Current attack methods and the possible precautions against them are demonstrated in the context of the scenarios.
This training is useful for network and system specialists, security experts / supervisors, site administrators and those working in the network infrastructure. Current training methods and defense methods are applied in practice.
It is a hands-on training covers many titles such as cyber attackers’ techniques, how they think in real life. Current methods of attack and methodologies are included in the training. In the demo environments prepared by our experts, participants are provided with training for implementation rather than memorization.
SafeTech, which has the mission of SCADA security, provides Cyber Safety training in Critical Infrastructures applied from working functions of SCADA communication protocols to SCADA defense methods. Our team's greatest advantage in SCADA security is that they have a history of SCADA software development and have integrated this information into the cyber security domain.
SafeTech provides training in the field of Forensic Computing in the context of the intervention of attacks on Cyber World, the acquisition, examination, analysis and reporting of digital evidence, supported by specialist academicians in their field.

Service of Cyber Security Consultancy

In order to determine the security risks of your institution, to take the necessary precautions, to have sufficient knowledge about the information security of the institution staff and to design the institutional operation with complete security understanding. We provide Information Security Consultancy service that is suitable for your institution.

We provide Information Security Consultancy service in accordance with international 27001 standard in order to determine the security risks of your institution, to take the necessary precautions, to have sufficient knowledge about the information security of the institution staff and to design the institutional operation with complete security understanding.
We offer Computer Forensics service with our professional team in order to be able to detect crimes committed in Cyber World and to give the most comprehensive answer to this question "What did the person /people who leaked to the system do?"
We provide the CIRT service to measure the security devices, software and the employees' behavior in the organization's premises after an external / internal cyber attack.
One of the common types of attacks currently used by attackers is DoS / DDOS attacks. It is recommended that you measure the durability of your systems / applications against these attacks and conduct a Dos / DDOS test to correct your problems.
We provide Forensic Informatics Analysis services for the investigation of computers, mobile phones, hard drives and other information technology devices. Under this service, electronic / digital evidence can be detected and recovered back.

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