Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructures

Cyber Security Education for Critical Infrastructures

While a cyber-attack on industry systems may cause of losing millions of dollars in an hour, a potential cyber-attack aims to the SCADA systems operating at critical infrastructure facilities of a country may cause darkness for the all corner of that country. Therefore, the Cyber Security knowledge level of employees working on SCADA systems has a critical importance to protect these systems from cyber-attacks.

SafeTech, whose one of the missions is SCADA security, provides Cyber Security Education for Critical Infrastructures related with functions of SCADA communication protocols and methods of SCADA defense.

The biggest advantage of SafeTech Team in SCADA security is that it has a background in SCADA software field and it is integrated these software experiences with Cybersecurity field.

SCADA Penetration Testing

Critical infrastructures provides services for the public interest facilities such as electricity, water, natural gas or communication sectors operate with SCADA and similar control systems. Critical SCADA systems operating in these infrastructure facilities, which are strategic goals of cyber attackers, are one of the biggest worries of the cyber defense organizations. Therefore, the first step of protecting systems from cyber-attacks is to be aware of weaknesses and vulnerabilities of these systems.

SafeTech penetration testing team performs both internal and external penetration testing on the SCADA network. In addition to penetration testing services, Team suggests significant security precautions with the help of determining vulnerabilities of the SCADA network hardware and weaknesses of SCADA communication protocols.

Consultancy Service of SCADA Security

In order to determine the security risks of your corporation, to take the necessary precautions of them , to have sufficient knowledge about the information security your staff and to design the institutional operation with complete security understanding, SafeTech provides the Information Security Consultancy service for you. The support and consultancy services required for your corporation to have an Information Security Management System in accordance with international standards.

One of the most important elements to increase awareness levels of information security for employees of a corporation is providing regular training and real-time attack simulations with scenarios to make awareness level more sustainable after training. SafeTech Training of Awareness combines theoretical and practice information to provide participants with hands-on SCADA security consulting. The current methods of cyber-attacks and the possible precautions against them are presented in the context of the scenarios.

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