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Service of Cyber Security Consultancy

In order to determine the security risks of your institution, to take the necessary precautions, to have sufficient knowledge about the information security of the institution staff and to design the institutional operation with complete security understanding, We provide Information Security Consultancy service that is suitable for your institution.

The support and consultancy services required for your institution are given to have an Information Security Management System having international standards in accordance with the institution's needs.

As SafeTech, we divide our Siber Security Consultancy Services into 5 subtopics.

Consultancy Service for ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 is an international documentary set up to ensure that institutions protect their financial data, their highly confidential information, their designs, and their products and services at the license or patent level. With the help of ISO 27001, organizations have a chance to analyze potential risks, to take precautions against those risks and to protect their data with vital preventive measures.

SafeTech offers you all kinds of testing, control, employee training services to have ISO 27001 certified. In addition, We provide ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Consultancy Service by analyzing your institution's needs in order to determine the technical system deficiencies.During this process, the experienced SafeTech team, which continues to provide consultancy support for your organization's ISO 27001 certificate and after documentation, provides all sorts of support from the beginning to the end of your ISO 27001-certification process.

Cyber ​​Crime Review Service

We offer Computer Forensics service with our professional team in order to be able to detect crimes committed in Cyber World and to give the most comprehensive answer to this question "What did the person /people who leaked to the system do?"

After a cyber-attack that you faced with, it is provided and reported that information about status of your whole system, such as the stolen/changed data, sections that are tried to be penetrated, vulnerabilities that is used for cyber-attacks by the helping of detailed analysis methods.

  • Sending spam e-mails,
  • Trying to accuse your institution by IP spoofing, ,
  • Stealing of the institution's social media accounts,,
  • Anonymous reading of the communication provided by institution directors via e-mail or similar methods, ,
  • Illegal delivery of institutional critical data out of the institution,
  • Potential hazards and damages of your staff ,
  • Exposure to DDoS attack ,
  • Send fake or spam emails , Getting information out of the institution through the harmful software's information systems
  • Web page hacking or altering content in a insulting way
  • are only a few of the cyber crime examples. These Cyber Crimes are investigated and reported to answer that which methods are used by Whom?

    Forensic Informatics and Data Recovery

    We provide Forensic Informatics Analysis services for the investigation of computers, mobile phones, hard drives and other information technology devices. Under this service, electronic / digital evidence can be detected and recovered back.

    Forensic Informatics Analysis, Definition of information crime, analysis process and damage detection steps. Forensic Crimes such as;

  • Monitoring of your institution's mails, spying/recording of your internal line,
  • Monitoring and recording network traffic or network systems, stealing / changing data from your database,
  • Changing web applications, attacking the your central server
  • are investigated and reported having regard to Law No. 5651 on "Arranging Publications Made on the Internet and Fighting the Crimes Processed Through These Publications".

    CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team) Exercise and Threat Service

    We provide the CIRT service to measure the security devices, software and the employees' behavior in the organization's premises after an external / internal cyber attack.

    SafeTech offers "Cyber ​​Security Exercise Service" to your institution by attacking with the intention and identity of a real attacker. This service gives you the opportunity to report the effects and threats of an unrealized, but potentially real, Cyber ​​attacks to your organization in the clearest and most reliable way. With the helping of this exercise, it is understood how much strong is your security in terms of Antivirus software, Firewalls, Log analysis, Ips.

    SOME exercise and threatening service differs from the penetration test that the simulations of the attacks can be carried out by the third person and the inspections of the institutional systems are done from inside or outside and the weak points are closed effectively.

    DoS / DDoS Testing and Protection

    One of the common types of attacks currently used by attackers is DoS / DDoS attacks. It is recommended that you measure the durability of your systems / applications against these attacks and conduct a Dos / DDoS test to correct your problems. Dos / DDoS tests should be at the center of the security understanding of institutions because security is not possible without accessibility. Dos / DDos attacks are malicious attacks aimed at damaging the accessibility of your institution.These attacks aim your server and filling of your bandwidth completely to shut down accessibility.

    There is a lot of misinformation about Dos / DDos. It is not an attempt to penetrate systems. D In Dos / DDoS attacks, your information systems are targeted, but they are intended to make the access roads dysfunctional. Web sites, email servers, phone systems may stop working after a Dos/DDos attacks.

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