Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Unlike the natural intelligence used by humans and animals, the intelligence type that machines possess is called artificial intelligence.Devices defined as "intelligent agents" in the information industry, have the ability to transform the data they obtain from the surrounding systems by processing to achieve a specific goal. In other words, the knowledge of adapting "Learning" and "Problem Solving" skills to machines in terms of cognitive functions similar to human minds is known as artificial intelligence. .

The concept of "Artificial Intelligence" goes far beyond robotics to be integrated into objects and to be used in fields such as industrial production, communication, informatics and health, where machines having "learning" ability to analyze and record external information and use these data as experience.

SafeTech R & D team continues to work on using artificial intelligence in cyber security systems. In this context, the analysis of data is made by estimations with the helping of algorithms and deep learning methods to predict future events or processes. Some examples of these events are; risk analysis, cost analysis, identification of security vulnerabilities, security precautions.

Deep Learning Solutions

As a sub-branch of artificial intelligence, "Deep Learning" solutions, considered as advanced technology products for systems that use "deep" neural networks in level by processing data in large quantities using GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) of machines, and capable of defining features from training data, become one of the trend topics of today's technology. In the machine learning context, the concept of artificial intelligence is concentrated in the field of deep learning, and the fact that GPUs are executed in very large quantities and processed in a very short time, as fast as 33 times of CPUs process speed (Central Processor Units). Web and social media companies in the field of deep learning, also data mining companies has become the investment area of companies interested in all kinds of data processing. For example, image recognition, language processing, voice recognition, etc., are provided to the machines by using deep learning methods, and the videos containing meaningful results or detecting a certain object in hundreds of videos are detected and presented to the user. Instead of defining the properties of two different objects for machines, it is now possible to specify these two different objects directly, by learning their own properties, from these machines’ own experiences when we show similar objects in the future.

SafeTech R & D team continues to work on deep learning, as a sub-branch of artificial intelligence. Within these studies, self-evolving and security systems which have learning abilities are being developed using threat analysis, threat identification, improving security definitions, and deep learning solutions in intrusion detection and prevention systems.

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